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Let us help you make your next home sewing project simple and fun with a new sewing machine,serger or quilting machine, or let our deluxe line of embroidery machines add the perfect finishing touch. For a new computerized sewing machine, information on classes, events, projects, ordownloads to get you started read more about us or find a Baby Lock retailer near you!

Arrow Sewing Cabinets


Arrow's classic sewing machine cabinets and craft tables are functional, affordable and offer superior engineering and quality. For help selecting a sewing cabinet, click to watch our video "How to Select a Sewing Cabinet". 

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Sewing supplies don't stop at needles and thread, but many other sewing necessities often go unnoticed. Notions such as scissors, snips, and bobbins are a staple for most sewers, andstabilizer is a must-have for almost every embroiderer.

Other sewing supplies that often slip under the radar are furniture and machine bags or luggage. While neither furniture nor luggage are used to finish a project, both are commonly found in the homes of sewers. Whether they own sewing, embroidery or quilting machines, hobbyists and entrepreneurs alike need a place to store machines. A stylish sewing cabinet is a great way to store a machine while keeping a room looking beautiful. Additionally, machine bags and luggage pieces are handy for traveling sewers. Whether traveling long distances or simply going to a nearby class, it is easier to travel with an appropriate bag.